Sira Sandberg
Love is in the air.
Outsource (2015)
Rasterize, Polarize (2014)
Lets talk: period (2014)
Insignificant (2010)
Tabula Rasa (2012)
Perpetuum Mobile (2011)
Martha Brecht (2010)
respecto re flecto
Times (2014)
Folie à deux (2011)
plastic fantastic (2010)
who gives a shit,
takes a shit
Dear diary
Love is in the air
Yours truly
Try to get in touch
Things only dipers care about
wildly interesting

Some cyberlove to my friends:

Melody who is a marvelous fashion artist and layout designer. her new website isn't launched yet but be assured: it'll be magnificent!

Zora who makes these amazingly weird banana boogie illustrations.

Daniel, my cellmate for life, who also happens to be a gifted graphic designer and to be too lazy to keep his website up to any day.

Franz, a crazy great media engineer.

Matthias who doesn't seem to have a website (I know of) anymore but who cares.

Judith who's a really great video artist and photographer.

Daniel S. who is a splendid writer and painter.

I'd also like to commend these three very special ladies from my circle:

Elisa who makes these brilliant artistic film documentaries. I really really like her work. Very much. Even mucher.

Marlet who is this tall spacy person with these spacy sci-fi-archi-bargy paintings.

Steffi who is this small crazy person with those big crazy paintings. also, no one wears gym shoes better.

Have a break, have a kit cat.