Sira Sandberg
Martha Brecht.
Outsource (2015)
Rasterize, Polarize (2014)
Lets talk: period (2014)
Insignificant (2010)
Tabula Rasa (2012)
Perpetuum Mobile (2011)
Martha Brecht (2010)
respecto re flecto
Times (2014)
Folie à deux (2011)
plastic fantastic (2010)
who gives a shit,
takes a shit
Who the hell
Legal stuff
wildly interesting

Martha Brecht



With »Martha Brecht« one and a half years later my Tabula Rasa project was born. Back then most of my works revolved around perspectives, awareness of others and self-perspection. Also I had a thing with clay.

clay and acrylic colour on wood, 50 x 70 cm


different views:
gallery 'tacheles' in berlin, 2011

faces 2