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German title: Die Zeit, die Welt / News (I could never decide)

News are giving us bold black headlines broken down into a cropped substance by emphazising certain points of views, leaving out context and background information. They have no other choice by nature - describing and explaining an event from all its angles is beyond a newspaper's format or any story's whatsoever. So News are orchestrating an image of an event, but the concerning part is that the most distributed News are relying on only very few sources. By copying information from one another they are multiplicating one image where there could be many different ones taken from different angles. With incrementing repetition the reader, naive or sceptic, gets more and more convinced News do actually resemble the "real true event" because this is how our mind works: hearing the same story from seemingly different sources gives us the feeling of a "whole picture". So one must wonder why? Is there a lack of resources like time or money to cover research costs? Is there a reason (or can one of us know for sure there is) for why newspapers are laying increased focus on one-sided report of war and terror, now more than in quite a while? Are we being prepared to expect or even manipulated to fuel a next war? Who'd profit?

This photo series started in the summer of 2014. Each photomanipulation was created only by reduction (blackening). I focused on capturing moments showing children in old city architecture interacting with each other or seemingly looking into the black void. My aim was to generate a mood hovering between oppression and a backdrop-like incompleteness.

All prints are 42 x 24 cm.

Times: 1
Times: 2
Times: 3
Times: 4
Times: 5
Times: 6

Exhibition view (2015)

Exhibition angle 1
Exhibition angle 2