Sira Sandberg
Made of plastic, it's fantastic.
Outsource (2015)
Rasterize, Polarize (2014)
Lets talk: period (2014)
Insignificant (2010)
Tabula Rasa (2012)
Perpetuum Mobile (2011)
Martha Brecht (2010)
respecto re flecto
Times (2014)
Folie à deux (2011)
plastic fantastic (2010)
who gives a shit,
takes a shit
Who the hell
Legal stuff
wildly interesting

Made of plastic, it's fantastic



For two semesters I was part of a work/artist group obsessing about the quite concerning health issues of our society's favourite material: plastic. Personally I'm all in for gaining and radiating 'enlightenment' but I'm no fan of propaganda- or wagging-finger-art. So I was trying to find my way between both feelings and made three different works in this context. I'll leave the third one out as i basically only made it because i was seriously annoyed by the professor who 'curated' our group.

» idiotique «
photography, 14 x 21 cm


» en trophy «
object made of clay & plastic on wood, 9 x 12 cm