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Perpetuum mobile.
Outsource (2015)
Rasterize, Polarize (2014)
Lets talk: period (2014)
Insignificant (2010)
Tabula Rasa (2012)
Perpetuum Mobile (2011)
Martha Brecht (2010)
respecto re flecto
Times (2014)
Folie à deux (2011)
plastic fantastic (2010)
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Perpetuum mobile



Perpetuum mobile was a project that took me quite a while to get over with. In retrospecive, it wasn't much of an art project but a project about the fact that I suddenly found myself in the akward situation of having to 'make art' while being in a mid-early-twenty-something crisis. I particulary loved making these clay noses. I had a weird obsession for clay in general back then.

» facade I & III «
photography & clay, each 20 x 26 cm


» facade IV «
photography, 45 x 69 cm

faces 2

» ego sum «
photo series of three

faces 2

exhibition view: